Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Christmas Spider

4 pipe cleaners
Small Christmas ornament
Med Christmas ornament


Take one pipe cleaners and fold it in half. Twist it together forming a circle the size of the med ornament in the center. Repeat with one more pipe cleaners. Place these two, one on top of the other. Wrap the ends around both pipe cleaners in opposite directions, for about ¼ inch. This will hold the circles together and place the legs about ½ inch apart. This forms the two center legs on each side. Now add one more pipe cleaner to each side. Start about ½ inch from center leg leaving enough length to form the top leg. Twist around the circles through the center legs. Stop twisting about ½ inch past the second center leg. End will form the bottom leg. Repeat on the other side. Take the top off of the ornaments. Using hot glue, glue the legs to the med ornament. Place the top of the ornament to form the neck. Glue the small ornament into the med ornament to form the head. Trim the pipe cleaners off so they are the same length. Arrange the pipe cleaners in the shape of spider legs (up around the body like a bowl, then out away from the body, then a bend for the knee, and a bend away from the body for the foot.)
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Thursday, December 10, 2009

The 12 Days of Christmas

Amber, One of the mom-stuff team members has posted her version of the 12 Days of Christmas to share with other moms. If you are looking for some cleaver gift ideas you would love this.

Last year I decided I wanted to bring some joy to a family's life that I knew was struggling due to the troubled economy. Everybody needs a little bit of cheer all the time but especially at Christmas. I focused on family time to bring some joy to this family each evening. This is my version of the Twelve Days of Christmas.

My version of the 12 days of Christmas is very different than the original version. I took a variety of poems and printed them out on Christmas stationary.

To use my format buy stationary with printing across the top as in a header. I then bought or made an item that goes along with each poem I have listed. The items I used are listed next to each poem title. I put each item into a Christmas sack with the tag tied with curly ribbon. Each day I would deliver the poem and the item to the family's house. My hope was to create a family bonding time for each of the 12 days before Christmas and add some Christmas JOY. I hope you will enjoy this and have a Merry Christmas.

On the 1st day of Christmas my true friend gave to me. This is what the tag read just change the 1st to 2nd or the pattern can be found by clicking here

The 12 poems are listed below by clicking on each one it will take you to the actual poem

A Parent's Night Before Christmas
With this poem I also included a variety of packages of batteries and I also put $100.00 in with the batteries with a note that said I hope this helps make Christmas a little less stressful.

Legend of Christmas Stockings
On this day I bought Christmas Stockings both kinds the ones that are for Christmas eve and also Christmas socks for each of the family members feet.

Legend of Mistletoe
Of course I gave them fresh mistletoe on this day.

Legend of Poinsettia
I bought a fresh poinsettia to give with this poem.

Legend of the Christmas Rose
Since I wasn't sure if roses would last I decided to buy an oil burner and some rose scents to smell their house of roses. I also bought a glass rose to put in the bag.

The Candy Cane Legend
Included in this bag was a box of red and white candy canes

The Legend of the Christmas Bell
I found a fancy bell that had Christmas decorations around it and put it in a fancy box to give with this poem.

The Legend of the Christmas Balls
I knew the family I was giving to well so I found a box of bulbs in the color of their Christmas tree to give with this poem.

The Legend of the Christmas Spider
This is one of my favorite Christmas stories and has been apart of my life since I was a little girl. We have always had a gold spider sitting in the center of our Christmas tree. For this gift we made a gold spider similar to the one I had growing up to pass on the tradition my family loved so much.

Under Santa's Hat
With this story I bought each of them a Santa hat and also some snack foods cheese and crackers with a summer sausage with Eggnog.

Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus
For this story I bought hot chocolate mixes and mugs for each member of the family.

The Night before Christmas for Moms
With this story I gave the mom a few bath items to pamper herself and a Christmas movie for the rest of the family to enjoy.

Friends Giffs

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