Monday, July 12, 2010

Gift Ideas for Friendship Day

Give with a Cookie Cutter
My wish for the whole wide world would be;
Someone could invent a cookie cutter that would magically,
create a wonderful, caring friend like you, for everyone.



A day or two ago I thought would make a treat
For all our special friends, a sweet treat to eat.
My intentions were top notch, but my schedule wouldn't budge.
Hence, here's this year's edition of my Homemade Friendship Fudge!



You are the answer to all of my wishes
So today in celebarating Friendship day,
I give you a bag of Kisses

Monday, July 5, 2010

Fourth of July Flip Flops


A pair of inexpensive flip-flops. I found them at Old Navy for $2.50.

3/8 inch Red, White and Blue Ribbon curled. one 3 yd spool of shoe color and 2 spools of the other 2 colors.

Glue Dots "Craft Dot n Go"


1. Wrap one 3/8 spool of red, white and blue ribbon around a dowel and cook them in the oven. I used one dowel per one roll of ribbon. Do not mix the colors on the dowel. There can be fading. I used Loew Cornell 5/16 dowels and I cooked them in a per heated oven at 350 degrees for 25 minutes. Let cool completely while you do step 2. I used tape to secure the end of the ribbons.

2. Cut the two 3/8 inch ribbon into 4-18-inch lengths. Tie one of each color together and put Craft Dot N' Go onto one side on the ribbon. Pull knot into the back edge of the flop flop and wrap the ribbons as if braiding them around the flop flop. Make sure the glue side is the one next to the shoe. Tie them to the center strip of the flip-flops. Make sure you tie a square knot so the knot does not come undone. (Left over right and then right over left) Repeat this step on the other side of the flip flop. Repeat this step for the other flip flop.

3. Unwind the curled ribbon and cut them onto four inch strips (measure the ribbon curled not pulled out straight.)

4. Using the ribbon ends from step 1 tie 3 of each color of curled ribbon onto the center of the flip flops. Trim off the ends of the ribbons into a circle.You can use any extra curled ribbon to make the Firework Side Winders or to add to a hair clip. For more Fourth of July projects visit