Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Infant Bows

Make Your Own Infant Bows
To make hair bows for infants all you need is some narrow ribbon and Kero Syrup. Yes the kind you make candy with. Using a 9 inch piece of ribbon tie a bow. Pull it tight and cut the ends at an angle. Put it on your little girl with a small amount of Kero syrup.  To remove bow use a wet cloth. As you reuse the syrup it will stiffen the bow and keep it in shape. I have a friend who puts syrup on the bow and lets it dry with a pencil through each loop.  If you need to wash it just use some dish soap and water. I have found some small spools in matching colors at the craft store that make some really cute bows. If you have some friends to swap ribbons with or if you have a store that will sell you ¼ of a yard of the ribbon you want then these are really  to make.
If you want to purchase these we have a mom who sells them atmom-stuff. Her company is Bybee Bows. She also sells the Head glue which is food grade syrup in an easy to use bottle. For more fun craft ideas visit her blog