Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Easter Decorations on a Budget

This year my family is on a toght budget due to anouther deployment to Irac for my husband. I wanted to make my home warm and welcoming for Easter using just the things I had around the house.
For the front door I added some lest over easter grass and eggs to a wreath.
Foe the kitchen table center pirce I added some pink tissue paper to a plant I had and sat one of the kids stuffed bunny by it.

I created a spash of Easter on the counter top in the kitchen. With a jar filled with some toy carrots, a jar with colorfil candy and a cookie cutter. Kinda cute, dont you think
I just had to carry my Easter them to the walls. I gues some ribbon to plastic eggs and hung them from a mirror. I put some pink flowers in to frames to complete the color.
When making the flowers I put some into some other frames for anouther wall.

Under the clock I added a wire with more eggs from ribbon.
I hope you have become inspired to make your home look like spring. It doesn't have to take money, it takes imagination. Happy Easter everyone.