Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Bunny Butt Flower Pot


One 2 ½ inch clay pot
Darice Foamies shapes
Acrylic paint
White foam for feet
Pink paper or foam for foot pads-use what you have,
Three 1 ½ inch white pom-pom
One ½ inch white pom-pom

Let the kids use their imaginations and decorate the clay flowerpot. You can let them use acrylic paint or just the Foamies. They have some really cut packages of small cutouts. The Darice Foamies come with adhesive. Adjust your craft to your children's age. For small children per paint the pot all one color and let them put on stickers.
Glue two large pom-poms together to form the bunny butt. Glue the third pom-pom to the butt for the body. Glue to the flower pot with the body inside if the pot and the butt onto the edge. Glue the small pom-pom to the butt in the center of the two pom-poms at the top.
Cut out two feet from white foam using the foot pattern on the Bunny Eggs.
Cut or punch pink pads for the feet. You can use foam or paper. Use a hole punch for the small pads.
Add some Easter grass to the flowerpot and some small eggs. 
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Easter Lights

Easter Lights made from a string of Christmas lights
Re-purposed Craft


My girls and I have a tradition that we call re-purposing. Any decoration we are tried of or it does not match any more we tell each other that we are done with it. If anyone has an idea for any component of it they take it apart and make something new. At Christmas time one of my daughters put all of her Christmas decorations she don't enjoy any more into a pile. We torn them apart and re-made a swag for her front door with a wreath to match. This stand of Easter lights was made from a strand of Christmas lights and some old plastic eggs and carrots. You can now buy Easter lights but we have enjoyed these for years. They are typed on with scotch tape. It does not show and has lasted through the years. We love to make something new out of something old. For more Easter crafts visit

Foam Egg Plant Sticks


Plank Stick Instructions: 
Glue a Jumbo Stick on the back of the egg with Tacky glue. Place it in the center on the width running vertical. After the first stick has set glue on another stick. Place the second stick on top of the first stick. Glue it to half of the first stick and the other half extending the length. You can repeat this step if you want your stick longer. Place these in your houseplants, flower garden or boarder your side walk. How cute is that? 

Decorate all of your house plants with these cute plant sticks. The kids love making them and they add some fun clor and Easter spirit to your home. For more fun kids crafts for Easter visit

Fridge Magnet Easter Eggs

Decorate Foam Easter Eggs
to make Fridge Magnets 

Darice Foamies Easter eggs
Darice Foamies shapes
For fridge magnets-ProMAG 2 inch x 3.5 inch 51mm magnets
For plant sticks-Forster Jumbo Sticks

Put out the supplies and let the kids use their imaginations. There is not a wrong way to decorate an egg.



Fridge Magnets Instructions: 

Put one magnet on the back of the foam egg. These magnets come with adhesive. Peal the paper and press on to the back the foam egg. Place the magnet in the center of the egg. If you use a magnet without adhesive glue it in with Tacky glue. The ProMAG magnet is  flexible and it will not pull of the egg when the kids want to move the magnet to a different place on the fridge.
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Chick Magnet Tee

 This simple and fun hand painted tee is fun for your boys to make and wear. 


Cardboard-cut up box
Paper plate or a piece of tinfoil
Dinner plate and pencil
Fabric paint-yellow
Sharpie markers

Start by cutting the cardboard the size of the shirt and sliding it inside of the shirt to keep the paint from bleeding through. With a dinner plate; mark your circle and write Chick Magnet in pencil. Using a picture of a chicken draw the outline with a pencil on the shirt. The Chicken pattern came from Bright Ideas Simply designed by Kathy Distefano Griffiths. Put a small amount of yellow fabric paint on to the paper plate or tinfoil.
Have your child dip their hand into the paint and then stamp the wing for the chick. Wash child's hand and repeat with the other hand for the other wing.
Use a sharpie over the pencil saying and the out line of the chicken. Add accents where desired with other sharpie colors.
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Easter Egg Bunnys

Get the materials and instructions at

Monday, March 15, 2010

St. Patrick's Day Rockin Bobbie Pins

Add some shamrocks to your St. Patricks Day hair style.Make your own Rockin Bobbie Pins. All you need are bobbie pins and your imagination. Use mini bobbie pins for infants and toddlers hair. These are so much fun. You can make some for every holiday or even every outfit.
 For instructions visit
for more hair style ideas for the Rockin Bobbie Pins visit The Wright Hair.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

St. Patrick's Day Kids Crafts

Pot of Gold


5-6 yellow or gold pom-poms
Yellow ribbon 1/4 inch wide
Small baby food jar
M&M's, Skittles® or other colorful small candies
Start by gluing the ribbon around the skirt of the lid. Tie ribbon into a bow. Next glue on the pom-poms to the top of the lid. Fill the jar with candy. To give as a gift attach a card that says I'm Irish! or Pot of Gold for You!


One half foam ball
6 Pipe cleaners-red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple
3/8 inch beads-red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple
White quilt batting
Hot glue  and glue gun 
Gold pom-pom balls
1/4 inch Yellow ribbon
Let the kids string the beads on the pipe cleaners matching the colors. Glue the pipe cleaners on to the ball in the shape of a rainbow. Put the white batting on the foam ball to form a cloud. Glue this in place. Tie a bow out of the yellow ribbon and attach to one side of the rainbow. On the other side of the rainbow glue in place the gold pom-poms.
Shamrock Tee
This simple and fun finger painted tee will get your wee-ones ready for St Patrick's Day and the wearing of the green. They are lots of fun to make.


Cardboard-cut up box
Paper plate or a piece of tinfoil
Ruler and pencil
Fabric paint Green
Med point Sharpie marker
Start by cutting the cardboard the size of the shirt and sliding it inside of the shirt to keep the paint from bleeding through. With a ruler or a straight edge write your saying in pencil. Put a small amount of fabric paint on to the paper plate or tinfoil. Have your child dip the tip of their thumb into the paint and then stamp the three leaves of the shamrock. Use a sharpie over the pencil saying. Make the stem of the shamrock with the sharpie. Add accents where desired with other sharpie colors.
Black Pot of Gold


Black index paper
Hershey's Kisses with almonds (they have the gold wrappers)
Green ribbon 1/4 inch
1/8 hole punch (if you do not have this small punch use a regular 1/4 hole punch and put two holes on each side instead of three.
Cut out the pot from black index paper. Fold on the doted lines. Punch three holes in the sides with the dotes. Lace the ribbon back and forth. Tie ribbon into a bow at the top on both sides. Fill with the pot of gold with kisses. The kids will have fun making these and giving them as gifts to their friend and teachers

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

St Patrick's Day Wreath and Centerpiece

For St Patrick's Day I made these crafts fir for moms to make and enjoy. Mom-Stuff hopes you will have the luck of the Irish with you, get a kiss from a good looking lepracon, find the gold at the end of your rainbow or at least have a toast with us.

May you live as long as you want, and never WANT as long as you live. "Irish toast"


Two wreaths: One 5 inch and one 9 inch wreath

Silk ivy leaves

Sparkley green pipe cleaners

St. Patrick's Day ribbon 3 ½ yards

Hot glue

Wire cutters


To start decide where you want the bow to be placed on the wreath. Start by making the bow and attaching it to the wreath with small craft wire. Note: there is no bow for the centerpiece. To make the bow you will want about 3 yards of ribbon. Take the end of the ribbon and loop for the center of the bow. Hold the loop and make a larger loop, this loop needs to be the size of bow you want to make. Ours is about three inches long. Hold the ribbon under the first loop, and make a loop on the opposite side make this loop the same length as the second loop. Repeat this step until you have five loops on each side. Take about 10 inches of craft wire and put it through the middle of all loops. Pull the wire tight. Pulling in opposite directions then twist it tight to hold the bow together. You have made a bow. To fill out the bow pull the loops out and twist them to fill in the top and bottom of the bow.

Attach the bow to the wreath with the wire or use the glue gun. We put a wire on the back to hang the wreath from. Now you can start to put the leaves on the wreath and the centerpiece. Use the glue gun and place the leaves around the wreath and centerpiece as desired. Do not place leaves so the block the center of the centerpiece (because it will have a candle in it). Next you will make your pipe cleaner shamrocks. Start by rolling one side in to a spiral to create a leaf. Then twist back to make the next leaf. When you have two side by side, make the third one in between the two circles to form a shamrock cut off the pipe cleaner twice the length you want the stem. Fold the stem in half and twist it together. Repeat to make as many shamrocks as you desire. Place them on to the wreath and centerpiece where you would like them. Make sure they are visible. When you are happy with them glue into place with the glue gun. Then place little pieces of the ribbon in both wreaths to add color. Then glue the ribbon around a candle and put it inside of the small wreath for the centerpiece.

Have a Happy St. Patrick's Day.