Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Smashed Witch Pencils

Materials: (for 1 smashed witch)
1 (6 inch) orange pipe cleaner
1 (6 inch) white pipe cleaner
1 (6 inch) and a (3 inch) yellow pipe cleaner
1 (6 inch) and a (3 inch ) brown pipe cleaner
1 (2 1/2 ) and a (1 1/2 ) green pipe cleaner
1 Pencil
1 (1 inch) green pom-pom
1 square black craft felt
Wire cutter ·
Tacky white craft glue or low temperature hot glue
2 google eyes
2 (10 inch) strand of yarn

Instructions: -
To make each smashed witch pencil twist 1 orange and 1 white pipe cleaner together fold and wrap pipe cleaners in half around pencil about 2 1/2 inches from eraser and twist create legs of witch curl ends o1f twisted pipe cleaners to create toes -with wire cutter cut brown pipe cleaner under the orange and white pipe cleaner and wrap 3/4 way down take yellow pipe cleaner and twist with brown then shape like a broom -using paper to trace pattern pieces cut out the cape from black felt cut and discard top point of cape cut circle from felt to create brim of hat then come from top of hat clue pom-pom on to the pencils on top of the #2 then clue the cape on to the pencil under the pom-pom -spread glue along one short side of triangle spread glue along one short side of triangle over lap other side and press with fingers to secure the glued area trim excess felt glue to hat brim -glue yarn to the hat then glue on to hat -then glue on to green pipe cleaner as arm's - the glue google eyes. **Craft came from Spooky Fun Book by Marion Haslam 2005**

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