Thursday, January 7, 2010

Valentine Animals Made From Hearts

Card stock-different colors- I used four different colors.
Colored pens or crayons.
Paper to glue animals onto to make a picture or a cardInstructions:
Cut hearts from several colors of card stock.
I cut hearts ranging in size from 1\4 to 3 inches.
I used the Cricut, Plantin SchoolBook Cartridge.
Let the kids crate animals. Have a sheet of paper folded in half so children can make a Valentine for someone they want to give it to.
Glue on small goggle eyes.

Make your own Valentines.
Follow the same steps.
I bought some cards and envelopes from the local craft store. I bought some in pink and white.I also used the scrapes from the hearts to trim the cards (and to boarded the Valentine scrapbook pages.)
I used some other cut outs from my Cricut Cartridge.
I love to shade some of my cutouts for affect. The most common way to shade is to use chalks, but I like to use water color pencils. I color around the edge of the paper about 1/16 wide. I then take a wet Q-tip and blend the color. This is fast, easy, and controllable. I use extra fine sharpie markers to add accents and text.

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