Sunday, April 18, 2010

A Flower as Pretty as Mom


Clay pot

Printed paper

Mod Podge

Small sponge or paint brush

Potted flower

Potting soil

Small rocks


Let the kids tear the paper into small pieces. Using a small sponge or a small paint brush place the pieces of paper on the clay pot with the Mod Podge. Repeat until the pot is covered in paper. Pieces can overlap. The Mod Podge is used as the glue and the sealer. Re-coat the vase after the vase is covered with paper. Add your own personality by adding embellishments. If you would like to put a poem one the pot or other paper re-coat with the Mod Podge. After the flower pot has dried put some small rocks into the pot, to help with water drainage for your new plant. Make the layer of rocks at least ½ inch deep. Place the potted plant into the pot and lightly compact the potting soil around the plant.

Kids love making and giving this craft to their mommys or grandmas on Mother's Day.

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