Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Shrunken Heads

These decorations need to be made at least 1 week before Halloween in order for them to shrink


1 c. Lemon juice
Apple corer
Firms Apples
1 TBS Salt
Paring Knife
Black Pen 
Cocktail stick and a length of heavy string if you want to make garland
Peal and core your apples. Use the black pen to draw whatever facial expressions and features on one side of the apple. Make the drawings large so when the apple shrinks you can see them. Carve out the facial features with a paring knife. Pour salt into the lemon juice. Dip each apple into the juice solution. This will help eliminate the apple from turning too brown. Leave the apples out somewhere warm such as above a radiator or an airing cupboard. In a few days the apples will shrink and shrivel to look like wrinkled faces. **Craft came from Spooky Fun Book by Marion Haslam 2005**