Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Classmate Treats

Birthday Butterflies
The Cricut Create a Critter Cartridge  is used to make these class room treats ro give out to friends on her birthday.

Colored index paper in two colors.
Black index paper
Tootieroll Pops
Google eyes
Glue stick
Scott tape

This year we used the Cricket Create a Critter. If you do not have a Cricket machine make a butterfly pattern be folding a pieces of type paper in half and cut out the shape of wings. Two make the top piece cut out the same shape ½ inch smaller. Make the body Pattern the same way.
Using the Cricket Create a Critter:
Cut the Butterflies in size 4 ½
Cut the body in size 5
Glue the butterfly wings together and onto the body.
You can let your child add any designs or embellishments.
After the butterflies are assembled tape the sucker to the back. Placing the sucker under the head. We let the birthday girl tape on the stickers.
Glue the eyes in place. 


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