Tuesday, October 26, 2010

More Classmate Treats

Poodle and Dog suckers

Poodle, for the girl classmates
   Poodle, for the girl classmates
Dog, for the boy classmates
   Dog, for the boy classmates

Colored index paper in three colors. (white, pink, and black)
Tootieroll Pops
Google eyes
Glue stick
Scott tape

This year we used the Cricket Create a Critter and the help of a three year old. She wanted to give these out at her pre school. 
Using the Cricket Create a Critter:
Cut the Poodle shapes in size 4
Cut the Dog in size 3.5
Glue all of the pieces together to make the body.
Tape the sucker to the back. Placing the sucker under the head.
Glue the eyes in place.


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