Monday, November 1, 2010

Pinecone Hand Turkey


Pinecone Two
Googly Eyes (10 mm)
Low temp glue gun or tacky glue
Red pipe cleaner
Orange pipe cleaner
Wire cutters
Craft foam

Trace the kid's hands on the craft foam for feathers then cut them out Cut the orange pipe cleaner into two (three inch) pieces. Fold the first orange pipe cleaner into half; twist about 1/4 inches from end and open Up ends to make the feet. Repeat for second orange pipe cleaner Stick the orange feet in the turkey a little less than halfway from the largest end. Glue In place Glue turkey body (pinecone) with feet down Glue kids hands in the pinecone closest to the largest end to look like feathers Glue wiggles eyes on the head Cut a tiny piece of red pipe cleaner to use as the waddle and glue below the eyes.


  1. Very fun!! I think we'll try this one!


  2. I hope you will enjoy it as much as we did. Thanks for commenting.