Tuesday, March 2, 2010

St Patrick's Day Wreath and Centerpiece

For St Patrick's Day I made these crafts fir Mom-Stuff.com for moms to make and enjoy. Mom-Stuff hopes you will have the luck of the Irish with you, get a kiss from a good looking lepracon, find the gold at the end of your rainbow or at least have a toast with us.

May you live as long as you want, and never WANT as long as you live. "Irish toast"


Two wreaths: One 5 inch and one 9 inch wreath

Silk ivy leaves

Sparkley green pipe cleaners

St. Patrick's Day ribbon 3 ½ yards

Hot glue

Wire cutters


To start decide where you want the bow to be placed on the wreath. Start by making the bow and attaching it to the wreath with small craft wire. Note: there is no bow for the centerpiece. To make the bow you will want about 3 yards of ribbon. Take the end of the ribbon and loop for the center of the bow. Hold the loop and make a larger loop, this loop needs to be the size of bow you want to make. Ours is about three inches long. Hold the ribbon under the first loop, and make a loop on the opposite side make this loop the same length as the second loop. Repeat this step until you have five loops on each side. Take about 10 inches of craft wire and put it through the middle of all loops. Pull the wire tight. Pulling in opposite directions then twist it tight to hold the bow together. You have made a bow. To fill out the bow pull the loops out and twist them to fill in the top and bottom of the bow.

Attach the bow to the wreath with the wire or use the glue gun. We put a wire on the back to hang the wreath from. Now you can start to put the leaves on the wreath and the centerpiece. Use the glue gun and place the leaves around the wreath and centerpiece as desired. Do not place leaves so the block the center of the centerpiece (because it will have a candle in it). Next you will make your pipe cleaner shamrocks. Start by rolling one side in to a spiral to create a leaf. Then twist back to make the next leaf. When you have two side by side, make the third one in between the two circles to form a shamrock cut off the pipe cleaner twice the length you want the stem. Fold the stem in half and twist it together. Repeat to make as many shamrocks as you desire. Place them on to the wreath and centerpiece where you would like them. Make sure they are visible. When you are happy with them glue into place with the glue gun. Then place little pieces of the ribbon in both wreaths to add color. Then glue the ribbon around a candle and put it inside of the small wreath for the centerpiece.

Have a Happy St. Patrick's Day.

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