Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Bunny Butt Flower Pot


One 2 ½ inch clay pot
Darice Foamies shapes
Acrylic paint
White foam for feet
Pink paper or foam for foot pads-use what you have,
Three 1 ½ inch white pom-pom
One ½ inch white pom-pom

Let the kids use their imaginations and decorate the clay flowerpot. You can let them use acrylic paint or just the Foamies. They have some really cut packages of small cutouts. The Darice Foamies come with adhesive. Adjust your craft to your children's age. For small children per paint the pot all one color and let them put on stickers.
Glue two large pom-poms together to form the bunny butt. Glue the third pom-pom to the butt for the body. Glue to the flower pot with the body inside if the pot and the butt onto the edge. Glue the small pom-pom to the butt in the center of the two pom-poms at the top.
Cut out two feet from white foam using the foot pattern on the Bunny Eggs.
Cut or punch pink pads for the feet. You can use foam or paper. Use a hole punch for the small pads.
Add some Easter grass to the flowerpot and some small eggs. 
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