Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Easter Lights

Easter Lights made from a string of Christmas lights
Re-purposed Craft


My girls and I have a tradition that we call re-purposing. Any decoration we are tried of or it does not match any more we tell each other that we are done with it. If anyone has an idea for any component of it they take it apart and make something new. At Christmas time one of my daughters put all of her Christmas decorations she don't enjoy any more into a pile. We torn them apart and re-made a swag for her front door with a wreath to match. This stand of Easter lights was made from a strand of Christmas lights and some old plastic eggs and carrots. You can now buy Easter lights but we have enjoyed these for years. They are typed on with scotch tape. It does not show and has lasted through the years. We love to make something new out of something old. For more Easter crafts visit

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  1. Very cute and cleaver idea. Happy Easter.
    Following you from MBC.

    Tenny at My Crafty Life.