Sunday, May 30, 2010

Father's Day Dragon


Craft clay or home made clay (recipe below)

Acrylic paint

Cookie sheet

Tin foil

Paper plate

Silk flower

Picture of a dragon

Hot glue gun

I gave the clay and the picture of the dragon to my son and told him to mold a dragon. I set the oven at 350 degrees. I place a layer of tinfoil on to the cookie sheet. My son needed help placing the head, tail, arms and legs on. He was able to put the spicks on the back of the dragon. I helped him put holes in the dragons back with a toothpick for the wings. The wings are added after the dragon has been painted. Then we place the dragon on to the cookie sheet and into the oven to bake. Cook until dough is hard and cool completely. While the dragon is cooling I placed a plastic tablecloth on the table. I assembled the paints and brushes. I let my son pick out the acrylic paints that he wanted to use. We placed the paint on to the paper plate one color at a time. As he painted the dragon I took a petal off of a silk flower and cut the end of the petal in half for the two wings. After the paint dries glue each half of the flower petal in the holes you made for the wings. My son is barely 4 and he loved doing this craft. Kids of any age will have fun making and giving this to their Dads and Grandpas for Father's Day. Parental Supervision is required.

Recipe for Home Made Clay Mix together 1/2 cup flour,1/4 cup salt and ¼ cup water. Dough (clay) should not be sticky. Add small amounts of more flour until you can work it in your hands and not have it stick to your hands. Use as Craft Clay. This takes more time but saves money.

The kids will love making any of these fun gifts and giving them to Dad on Father's Day.
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  1. I love this cute dragon. Thanks Ashley for all of the cute crafts!!!