Sunday, May 23, 2010

My Dad Rocks

Is your Dad a rock star? Make him his own rock to show him he is a rock star to you.


Smooth round or oval rock

White, black and colors of choice

Acrylic matte sealer spray

Tacky glue


Clean rocks and dry completely. If you are doing this project for a group, base coat clean rocks with Jesso sealer to save time. Paint your rock the desired color. Let each coat of paint dry before adding another coat. Light colors with take more coats than dark colors. If you paint over wet paint the brush will pick up the wet paint. Paint the head on the rock in a different color acrylic craft paint. There is no pattern for this. Make the head as big as you want, do not exceed ¼ of your rock. Decorate the body as you desire. You can use different color paint, small stickers or sharpie markers. Make sure to use tacky glue on stickers and jewels to bond to the rough surface of the rock. The glue that comes on them will not be enough. Eyes-dip the end of a pencil eraser in white acrylic paint, Dot on the eye. Clean off the eraser and repeat for the other eye. Let these dry completely before doing the next step. If you want to use google eyes attach them with tacky glue. Dip the pencil, lead end into black acrylic paint and dot on the white of each eye. Put both dots in the same place on both eyes so the pat is looking in the same direction. If you put the black dots at the top of the white dot your pet will be looking up. After the paint is dry, spray your rock with acrylic sealer spray. Allow sealer to dry. Tip: after spraying sealer hold the can upside down and spray until air comes out. This will prevent the nozzle from clogging between uses.

Have a Happy Father's Day

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